What is Homeopathy?

by Barbara Antisdel
Homeopathy is a healing art and science that is safe, gentle and effective with over 200 years of clinical experience.  Homeopathic medicine uses extremely small doses of substances prepared in a special way to re-vitalize a person's health.  The choice of the medicine, referred to as a "remedy", is individualized for each patient according to the symptoms and characteristics of that patient. In true homeopathy it is possible for several persons with the same diagnosis to each receive a different remedy. So homeopathic treatment is not "one size fits all". Furthermore, it is even possible for a patient with an undiagnosable problem to receive effective treatment. When used correctly, homeopathic healing is gentle and long lasting, because the remedies work with the body's symptoms and other defense mechanisms instead of against them. 
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Dear Barbara,
Thank you so much for your dedicated work in helping me to get to a balanced
place in life.  In addition to feeling the effects of homeopathy, I’ve also gained a
deeper respect for the work you do and can personally attest to how truly gentle and
effective homeopathy has been.
I’ll be in touch on occasion and will definitely know who to call if I need help, as
you know my case pretty well.
JM, Champaign, IL (6/5/08)
* * *
… It was amazing how in one dose of [correct homeopathic remedy] her dizziness
when lying, headache, stomach ache, all disappeared in less than 2 hours!  I am so
indebted to your knowledge you shared with me all these months, thank you!
GR, Urbana, IL (11/18/2005)
* * *
Dear Barbara,
…Enjoyed your presentation at the group [Illinois Homeopathic Medical
Association]—you are really a superb presenter and of course a homeopath
MR, Doctor of Osteopathy, Milwaukee, WI (3/25/02)
* * *
JM is tired and sore, but had about twelve hours sleep and not in pain….Thank you
for your time and especially Sunday.  It must make you feel so good to know how
may people you improve their lives. [sic] (1/22/01)
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