Photo of Barbara Antisdel

Barbara Rayska Antisdel has over 20 years of experience in teaching homeopathy to lay persons and medical professionals. Her teachers include clinically successful, world-renowned homeopaths, such as Dr. Andre Saine and Dr. Alfons Geukens. Recognizing her knowledge and experience, The Illinois Homeopathic Medical Association regularly invites her to their meetings.


• Teaching homeopathy in the Midwest for 25 years

• Six years of teaching study groups (pro bono), as well as paid educational events (acute case taking and use of the repertory) for the Homeopathic Association of Greater Chicago

• Since 1997 teaching homeopathy non-credit courses at local community college, YMCA and other venues: introductory lectures, introductory first response courses, introductory cold and flus courses, and occasionally intermediate courses including case taking, case analysis, materia medica and use of the repertory. Among her students were health professionals including MD’s and DC’s

• Member of the National Center for Homeopathy for over 25 years, currently teaching her hometown study group (Champaign-Urbana, Illinois)

• Instrumental in founding 4 homeopathic study groups in Illinois and Indiana, each affiliated with the National Center for Homeopathy

• Student of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy, taught by world-renowned homeopath Dr. Andre Saine (course approved by the US Council on Homeopathic Education) and attendee at every seminar taught by him in the Chicago area

• One of few professional homeopaths invited to meetings of the Illinois Homeopathic Medical Association

• Cared for the homeopathic patients of the late Dr. Mark Goren (at his request) while he was abroad on vacation

• Studied with Dr. Robin Murphy of US (2 seminars), Dr. Alfons Geukens of Belgium (1 seminar) and the late Dr. Francisco Eizayaga of Argentina (numerous seminars)

• Using homeopathy for herself and her family for nearly 30 years



• MacMurray College, Jacksonville, Illinois: BA in Russian and East European Studies, 1970.Barbara Antisdel Teaching

• University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: MA in Sociology, 1977 with extensive work in Slavic Languages nearly equivalent to another master's degree.