Dear Barbara,

Slowly but surely I get little chances to lead mini-classes on homeopathy.  I write you now to again sing your praises and give thanksgiving to you for your passionate way you instill the love and respect for homeopathy. [sic]

During G_____’s second week of college she suddenly came down with a high fever between 3-4 p.m.  I recommended Belladonna.  Al she had was 30c. So she took 2-3 doses half hour apart till she fell asleep.  She woke having breathing difficulty and 101 degrees F temperature.  I told her she should seek medical attention, i.e., to go to the hospital.  (I worried she may have pneumonia.)

She and her roommate walked a few blocks to the University Hospital.  They ruled out pneumonia, sent her home with meds for cough symptoms, temperature, etc….none of which she took.  They tested her for swine [flu].

The next morning her fever was gone, so she took her constitutional remedy and continued to improve.  She was told she had the swine flu but that she finished the contagious phase.  She was feeling so much better after her constitutional remedy she hardly believed she had the swine flu. I told her that her body’s immune system was probably stronger than those who don’t take their constitutional remedy who need to and that prayers and homeopathy is probably the reason for her “mild” swine flu.
Thank you,
GR, Rochester, New Hampshire (9/14/09)

* * *
Dear Barbara,
Thank you so much for your dedicated work in helping me to get to a balanced
place in life.  In addition to feeling the effects of homeopathy, I’ve also gained a
deeper respect for the work you do and can personally attest to how truly gentle and
effective homeopathy has been.

I’ll be in touch on occasion and will definitely know who to call if I need help, as
you know my case pretty well.
JM, Champaign, IL (6/5/08)

* * *
Hi Barbara,
I just wanted to tell you thank you for what you do for the community.  You have
been so consistent and committed to providing education to our community, and I
think that is just great.  It was fun talking with…last night and seeing his enthusiasm
for homeopathy.  I remember being in his place!  I was just thinking how rewarding it
must be for you to see several of your "students" go on to pursue homeopathy as a
profession.  You must be doing something right!!  Thank you for all you do.  I really
had a good foundation and a head start from coming to study group and studying all
those years before I started going to the Northwest Academy of Homeopathy.
CD, Champaign, IL  (2/14/08)

* * *
Again, you are an angel…. All the best to you and your family….
SS, Eugene, OR (7/26/07)

* * *
Midgie is doing so well.  She is full of spunk and oh, so sassy.  She can bark now
without that bark turning to a cough that results in labored breathing.  Her back legs
are still weak but not quite as bad as they were at one time. 
SB, Copperas Cove, TX (11/7/07)

* * *
Re: Class taught on homeopathy  and the treatment of influenza including epidemics

I really appreciate that you share your insights and want to thank you for all
your hard work.
MH, Urbana, IL (11/29/05)

* * *
… It was amazing how in one dose of [correct homeopathic remedy] her dizziness
when lying, headache, stomach ache, all disappeared in less than 2 hours!  I am so
indebted to your knowledge you shared with me all these months, thank you! 
GR, Urbana, IL (11/18/05)

* * *
I took the [correct homeopathic remedy]….It’s better now and so I’m feeling lots
better about everything.
Thanks a million,
SK, Decatur, IL (11/05)

* * *
I just wanted to let you know that the [homeopathic remedy] arrived yesterday and I
dosed Midgie [pet dog] last night.  I will continue to observe and report to you but I
can tell you already there are subtle improvements.  I have seen her playing with her
younger brother twice now and while I was ironing last night in the living room she
came out and scratched herself a place out in one of the dog beds near where I had
set the ironing board.  She slept there during the time I ironed several pieces which
is the first time she has settled in the living room outside my arms or lap in about two
months.  Midgie says she could get used to a tablespoon of milk [with her dose]
every morning and evening.  She liked that!  Thanks ever so much for your help and
you’ll hear from me again soon.
SB, Copperas Cove, TX (10/25/05)

* * *
...I thank you for charging me as you do instead of charging me what you are worth because I could never afford you.  I appreciate you so very much… Barbara for the care …..  I feel you…personally care for me and my health. 
SB, Copperas Cove, TX (9/8/05)

* * *
Dear Barbara,
…Enjoyed your presentation at the group [Illinois Homeopathic Medical
Association]—you are really a superb presenter and of course a homeopath
MR, Doctor of Osteopathy, Milwaukee, WI (3/25/02)

* * *
RE:  Pain from kidney stones

JM is tired and sore, but had about twelve hours sleep and not in pain….Thank you
for your time and especially Sunday.  It must make you feel so good to know how
may people you improve their lives. [sic] (1/22/01)

* * *
Forgot to tell you something very important…Dr. G. was talking to JM about his
kidney stone and said “she is pretty good isn’t she” meaning you!
CM, Bloomington, IN (3/28/01)

* * *
Due to severity of poison ivy I used [a high potency of correct homeopathic remedy]
and it worked very well.  Thank you.
GF, Decatur, IL (Spring/00)

* * *
Dear Barbara,

I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail since I have been referring clients to you….I was impressed with your knowledge and hope you don’t mind my sharing your name with friend who needed more hope and ideas than what they felt the allopathic [conventional medicine] community ad to offer.
KS, Minnesota (2/9/99)

* * *

Thank you for all your help.  I feel very peaceful when I talk to you.
I am excited about this next year for the homeopathy study group.
AC, Urbana, IL (1/99)

* * *

Dear Barbara,

I was telephoned by a friend concerning your homeopathy courses at Parkland
College.  I was thrilled you are now offering the courses in Champaign. I
recommended the courses you instructed wholeheartedly!  She is going to sign up
for your series on homeopathy.
I am still waiting for the intermediate course…in Decatur….I am excited about
continuing to learn about homeopathy.  I have had continued excellent results with
my daughter age three and my four month old daughter:  from smashed fingers to
thrush and simple colds.  The arnica has been wonderful for after childbirth and now
that I am in training to instruct step aerobic classes. I also found many remedies that
helped with breast infections and soreness while nursing.  I am slowly acquiring
several books on the subject and finding it more and more interesting.  Even my
husband has tried some remedies for various complaints and found relief.
I am looking forward to your classes and just wanted to tell you how excited I
was that you are offering courses at Parkland now, too.
KC, Monticello, IL (8/21/98)

* * *
Thank you so much for sharing your remedies and your vast knowledge of
homeopathy.  I really appreciate it.
NS, Decatur, IL (3/28/98)

* * *
Dear Barbara, 
This is not “I have a question” or “I need help” fax.  I just wanted to tell you that
not only do I enjoy learning from you, but as we spend more time talking, I’m really
enjoying getting to know you.  Thanks for both your help and your humor.
MR, Wilmette, IL (1/25/98)

* * *
Dear Barbara,
Thank you for the wonderful work that you do.
Your expertise has helped me a lot already.
DG, Suburban Chicago, IL (1/25/97)

* * *
Thank you so much for your help.  The [correct homeopathic remedy] was
effective and helped alleviate the discomfort quite fast.
I appreciate your time and availability.
Thanks again—
BH, St. Charles, IL (6/29/94)

* * *
Thanks so-o-o-o much for helping me out….The [correct homeopathic remedy]
knocked all the conglomeration of remedies I had taken….Took the third dose
today….I have the cough and runny, stuffed nose back, but will let it work itself out. I
feel pretty ok considering.
I slept all night last night!  Wow!
Wish I could get to know you better – the minute I heard your voice I
connected….Time will tell….
Thank you again.
KM, Bryan, OH (4/13/89)

* * *
…You share love with everyone else!
My lesson(s) learned from this experience were many including that I need to
learn homeopathy.  Do you ever give 1 or 2 day seminar/workshops….If so, please
let me know.  I really would like to learn, as soon as possible.
As with the remedy you gave me in the summer, this one has brought
noticeable changes in my thoughts, which is wonderful because it then helps many
areas of life, not just one physical body….
My thoughts are becoming clearer and clearer, and my meditation is so much
better….Did you know all that could happen from a treatment?!
I will close with a lovely saying:  “When there is a trouble, there is not something
to do, there is something to know….”
KD, Wheaton, IL (2/3/89)

* * *
…After I called you last, I took [the correct homeopathic remedy] two more days but
discontinued it as I felt totally better….
Barb, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the help you were to me. 
I believe the Lord used you to answer my prayer, i.e., help get my body working to
heal itself….
WW, Winona Lake, IN (8/3/88)

* * *
Thank you very much for your help and assistance in finding the remedies for me. 
Slowly, but surely, I am getting better.  I would like to get a [homeopathic] first aid kit soon….If there is anything I can do for you…please let me know….
MD, Santa Fe, NM (10/5/87)